Spiuk M2V® ALL TERRAIN Shoe Covers kingakatted

Spiuk M2V® ALL TERRAIN Shoe Covers kingakatted Vaata täismõõdus

We’ve added the “All Terrain” tag to our excellent XP overshoes as a declaration of intentions. They’re versatile and efficient on any terrain at all.

LXL 42-47

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Toode laos. Tarne 3 - 4 tööpäeva.


Thanks to their bottom opening design, XP All Terrain overshoes adapt to all sole types, so they’re suited to mountainous terrain or if you need to make regular push-offs. “OK,” you’re thinking, “they’re very versatile and I like them. But how good is their protection?” Don’t think twice about it. The M2V® membrane is an unpassable barrier against water, mud and wind.

  • Winter shoe covers
  • Ideal for mountain terrain or terrain with frequent supports
  • M2V® membrane protects against the water, mud and wind
  • Excellent fit for mountain heel shoes
  • Multiple reflective details for greater visibility