NoTubes Crest MK4 15x110mm esijooks

NoTubes Crest MK4 15x110mm esijooks Vaata täismõõdus

Front Wheel Weight: 743g (29")

Hub: 15x110mm

Rohkem infot

Toode laos. Tarne 3 - 4 tööpäeva.

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  • 25mm rim width optimized for Gravel and XC tires up to 2.3”

  • Light and durable 6069 aluminum with welded joint and reinforced spoke bed

  • BST-Asymmetric design combines Stan’s legendary easy tubeless inflation with a stronger, more balanced wheel build

  • M-pulse ultra-low drag magnetic pawl adjustable hubs with 1.66° engagement

  • Enduro bearings with double-row freehub bearing

  • Matched wheelsets use traditional J-bend lacing and share a single spoke length for easy serviceabi