Spiuk Dolmen White rattakiiver

Spiuk Dolmen White rattakiiver Vaata täismõõdus

  • Mountain cycling helmet with adjustable visor
  • Perfect for the wildest routes and settings
  • Its geometry provides better protection for the forehead and eye region
  • The internal Airflow architecture promotes air flow to keep you cool
  • 3-position adjustable visor and HB-96 rear fastening system with adjustable wheel

SM  55-59cm

ML  59-63cm

Rohkem infot



 ,If your favourite trails always end in daring descents and paths that don’t appear on any map… the Dolmen helmet is for you.

In the mountains, you need a trusted partner. And the Dolmen has (almost) everything you’d expect from a good enduro helmet. It especially protects the key areas. It’s as sturdy as a megalithic structure. And it’s ventilated and comfortable so you decide when the adventure ends. So adjust the visor to your favourite position and have fun. It’s only flaw is that at the end of the day, it can't have a pint with you.