Spiuk Profit-R Rattakingad

Spiuk Profit-R Rattakingad Vaata täismõõdus

Ergonomic and aerodynamic design
Light and high resistance upper with internal IFS (Inner Fitting Shell) structure
Direct breathability via DSS (Drilling Shell System) perforations
Dual BOA IP1 micrometric bidirectional adjustment wheels
Extraordinarily rigid and light RLX2®carbon fiber sole. Interchangeable rear stud
Reinforced toe cap for optimum stability
Includes two sets of insoles, one perforated

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The PROFIT line is the result of an exhaustive joint development process between our researchers and professional sportspeople. Tested by independent bodies to provide sportspeole with a competitive advantage for expert users seeking maximum features.

Maximum energy transmission, comfort and safety are the three qualities where PROFIT reveals its full potential. Its carbon fibre RLX2 sole provides extraordinary rigidity and lightness. Its perforated upper provides perfect ventilation and contains a flexible IFS internal structure, which adds robustness and distributes force optimally across the entire foot enclosure. 

Its two wheel BOA IP1 system for micrometric bidirectional adjustment, provides the safety, precision and the speed required by the most demanding user.