Spiuk Trivium Rattakingad

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- Striking and dynamic outer design.
- Optimised upper to put on easily in fast transitions.
- Large ventilated area in upper using HIGH FLOW 3 mesh fabric.
- Adjustable flap with easy cut of spare rubber strap.
- Heel pull for easy entry.
- Two elements to attach shoe to bike: inner side closure and heel loop.
- Reinforced toecap.
- Stiff sole made of fibreglass and polyamide, with air channels.

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Transitions are crucial in triathlon races. Every split second matters, and triathletes must be fast and stay focused. Our TRIVIUM shoes have been designed to make transitions easy, so that you can put them on and start pedalling before your rivals in the stressful start of the bike ride. In our TRIVIUM shoes, every single detail has been taken care of to deliver the maximum comfort and top performance athletes need to face the physically taxing and psychologically demanding challenges of triathlon.