Spiuk Mondie MTB rattakingad

Spiuk Mondie MTB rattakingad Vaata täismõõdus

  • Mountain cycling shoes equipped with the BOA® Fit System
  • Great for cross-country, fast-paced and cyclo-cross rides
  • Quick, precise and effortless adjustment with BOA® and mini Velcro at the front
  • Advanced composite fiberglass and polyamide sole, with deep heel
  • Minimalist, functional and easy to clean appearance oriented to demanding use

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Mondie shoes could be your first mountain boots with a Boa® binding system. They are the link that connects the novice cyclist and the experienced rider.

The Mondie is the ideal shoe to keep progressing. You are no longer that neophyte cyclist who was satisfied with just any accessory. You know how to appreciate the small details. For example, the reliability of the famous Boa® fastening system at key moments. Or excellent interior ventilation throughout the day, thanks to its microperforated coating. Your level requires top-of-the-range services. And the price doesn't have to be too high. Mondie, it's possible!