Spiuk Amara MTB rattakingad

Spium Amara MTB rattakingad Vaata täismõõdus

  • e-MTB, outdoor and touring shoes, with the Boa® Fit System
  • Great for comfortable walks and all-terrain riding
  • Quick, precise and effortless adjustment with Boa®
  • EVA soles with rubber contact surfaces and SPD cleats
  • High-density PUR upper with reinforced toe and heel

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Nature is as impressive as it is unpredictable. That’s what you like. Both knowing that with your Amara shoes, the unpredictable becomes controllable.

Every day in the mountain is an adventure to discover. But your Amara shoes are always up for the challenge. So activate the turbo on your e-bike... or adjust the Boa® Fit System wheel and pedal away on a complicated trail. Worried about the branches and rocks along the way? Its PU upper structure is reinforced to make it as hard as rock. These present no issues for them or your feet. They’ll be protected and comfortable inside. The journey ends when you want it to!