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PROFIT shoes bring together the Holy Trinity of cycling: Precise pedalling, energy transfer and comfort of use. All of this in the lightest footwear we’ve ever developed.

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Whether it’s on the tallest peaks, riding like fire or pedalling all out in a sprint...the PROFIT shoe brings out your best version. It all begins with an exquisite fit. And the Boa® Fit System is infallible, from the first to the last turn of the pedal. It is the perfect complement to the upper structure, which is as light as a feather. A second skin with its carbon sole. Rack up the kilometres of pure performance and comfort. And mark the difference at key times.

  • Professional cycling shoes with the latest generation Boa® Fit System
  • Designed for high performance road racing
  • RLX31® carbon fibre UD sole with interchangeable back heel
  • Equipped with the Boa® Fit System for bi-directional millimetric adjustment
  • Structure combines great lightness, breathability and perfect stability