Spiuk Aldapa MTB rattakingad

Spiuk Aldapa MTB rattakingad Vaata täismõõdus

The Aldapa Mtb shoes are pure Rock&,Roll. Wearing these shoes gives “rhythm” new meaning: so pedal, press, jump and enjoy.

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There’s nowhere the Aldapa cannot conquer. Adjust their Boa® fit system and you’ll be riding from dusk till dawn. Your feet will be grateful for such a comfortable grip. And they’re jolt resistant too: in complicated areas, you’ll make that pedal stroke with confidence to get you out of trouble. If your technique also requires more training, don't worry: their fibreglass sole includes a rubber heel that will help you put a foot down. Produce the perfect riff for your favourite track.

  • Cycling shoes with Boa® Fit System
  • Designed for medium/top level training and mountain riding
  • Advanced fibreglass composite and polyamide sole with mountain tread
  • Boa® Fit System millimetric adjustment wheel
  • Asymmetrical opening for a better distributed fit