Spiuk Profit Cold&Rain kingakatted

Spiuk Profit Cold&Rain kingakatted Vaata täismõõdus

S-M (36-41)
L-XL (42-47)

The PROFIT shoe covers improve wind, rain and water protection even further thanks to their revised pattern, sealed seams and waterproof YKK® rear zip.

Their elasticity provides a perfect fit and optimum aerodynamic performance. Their fabrics offer excellent breathability and thermoregulation capability.

Rohkem infot

Toode laos. Tarne 3 - 4 tööpäeva.


  • Tall height, very tight-fitting pattern. Independent openings on the base for heel to protrude.
  • Made of 2-layer bi-elastic fabrics. Waterproof and windproof coating for excellent insulation. Fully sealed seams.
  • Comfortable and perfect ,fit via waterproof YKK® side zipper and large Velcro leg fastening. Stops water entry.
  • Injected zipper pull for easy manipulation, even with gloves.
  • Large anti-abrasion reinforcement surfaces on toe, sole and heel.
  • Includes multiple reflective elements for 360º visibility.