Spiuk Profit Aero Antracite rattakiiver

Spiuk Profit Aero Antracite rattakiiver Vaata täismõõdus

  • Professional aerodynamic cycling helmet
  • Ideal for shaving seconds off your time for races, time trials or triathlons
  • Fidlock® magnetic buckle and Boa® Fit System for a quick, precise fit
  • Highly compact geometry with a small frontal area
  • Airflow internal architecture for cooling and better aerodynamic performance

S/M = 51-56cm

M/L = 53-61cm

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Speed is addictive. That’s why we’ve focussed on aerodynamics in the Profit Aero. Our time machine reverses time.

The Profit Aero’s architecture keeps the interior ventilated whilst slicing through the air like an F-15. Although let's be realistic. To run like the wind, you need to feel safe. Which is why we include the Boa® fit system. The most well-known, and also the best restraint system. Intuitive, comfortable and precise. When you onehandedly adjust its magnetic Fidlock® buckle you’ll immediately understand why we have been congratulated by triathlon World Champion, Mario Mola.