Spiuk Korben Iridescent rattakiiver

Spiuk Korben rattakiiver Vaata täismõõdus

Saadaval suuruses M-L / 53-61cm

When we created the Korben helmet, we asked our designers to imagine the future. And, of course, to focus on Safety. The result has been spectacular: minimalist geometry and pure aerodynamics. A helmet that’s reminiscent of the most cutting-edge architecture. Its Metalline Skin® injected surface immediately underscores that this is a very special helmet indeed. 

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  • Aerodynamic cycling helmet
  • Ideal for shaving seconds off your time for races or triathlons ,
  • Highly compact geometry with a small frontal area
  • Airflow internal architecture for cooling and better aerodynamic performance
  • Spiuk® X1 rear fitting system and Spiuk® Arrow Head lateral dividers for a high-precision fit